Top 10 Web Frameworks To Learn In 2019

Hey, guys what up! so this article is about my top ten web frameworks that I think one should learn for 2019. so if you’re trying to get a head start this is kind of taken into consideration with the job market looks like right now and also going into the future.

So what I’m looking at all that stuff, I’m like I’m trying to like future-proof this as much as possible to say. You know isn’t gonna be around for a couple of years or so, anyway it’s just one person’s opinion. You know take it with a grain of salt obviously. but let’s go ahead and get started.

ASP.NET Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

so number one is so like “Dot net” whatever the latest version is but whatever that version is, it’s going to be the version before Dotnet Corsa.

The dotnet core has at least three two or three versions that they’ve come out with already and I’m not talking about Dotnet core with

It’s just, it’s typically 4.5 or 4. you know 3.4.7, so if you have those skills there’s a lot of opportunities out there.

And there will be for some time because there’s so much there’s so much of the Dotnet. Because the ecosystem that you know it takes a long time to upgrade to the latest standards.

So there’s gonna be plenty of opportunity for that.

Laravel Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

number two on my list is gonna be Laravel. Now laravel I’m not a big fan of PHP I like I don’t really recommend it as a first language or you know I really only really recommend PHP if you’re getting paid to write PHP it’s what I’ve said time and time again.

But if we’re going to mention PHP and a web framework that’s really popular right now it’s gonna be laravel. So definitely check that out if you’re a PHP person.

Falcon Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

alright, next one is Falcon and I’m really excited about Falcon. I plan on spending some time with Falcon in 2018 it really looks like a cool framework. It’s super fast, it’s very small, it’s money, it’s good for microservices.

So there’s been a lot of talk about microservices these days, which is really just a bunch of individual APIs instead of one monolith API that is handling all the requests.

Micro-services is all just drill down into, just you know specific pieces of functionality having separate API. so it’s easier to maintain or at least that’s the goal behind it With microservices.

If you’re gonna build something you know very bare-bones especially, with like a Vue.Js on the front or a reactjs or something like that, then you know micro-service is something that specialized.

Specializes in API is it’s probably a good idea, so that’s why I’m excited about Falcon. I definitely plan on checking that out, so that’s for the Python programming language.

Revel Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

Next one is going to rebel and this is based on the Golang programming language. And Golang is also another languages it’s highly suited for microservices, web API is things like that.

So if you’re going that route and you truly need the performance over something like Python then Golang is a good alternative, it’s a very concurrent language so revel is the leading framework for the go lang programming language.

If you’re going to be going that route then revel is probably a good direction to take.

Meteor Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

number five on this list is the Meteor and the problem with the meteor in my opinion it’s
a node.js web framework. But it’s really only been built around MongoDB to date and there’s a lot of security concerns with MongoDB that make meteor not a great option for.

A lot of people I remember when the project first started getting venture capital funding like it had commercial ambitions from the start. It just seems like it missed kind of a few steps along the way and there’s plenty of blog posts about the mistakes that were made and things
like that.

But I think the meteor is still a pretty good option for nodejs anybody that wants to go with that you know that nodejs server stack.

Flask Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

All right number six is Flask. I really feel like there’s a lot of opportunity with flask if you compare flask to Falcon then you know those two could probably be duking it out here pretty soon. But you know Falcons more of an API whereas like flask is still it provides you templates and things like that.

So with flask, I think there’s an opportunity for you know you to even build a stack with flask and both Falcon.

Ruby on Rails Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

Alright, number seven on this list is going to be Ruby on Rails and the reason why ruby on rails is still highly popular just like Microsoft and dotnet and things like that.

There’s going to be a lot of rails opportunity out there for some time to come and it’s still viable for a lot of websites said that is being created even to this day. Like website said if you need a full stack framework for the authentication things like that then I mean Ruby is still a good option.

But I’ve never been a person I’ve never been a huge Ruby guy but from you know the jobs and things like that it’s still definitely a viable option and something that I think you’re pretty safe learning here for the next couple of years.

Django Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

Number eight on my list is Django, this is probably you could probably switch this out with Ruby maybe depending on different people’s point of view. But Django is not nearly as popular as it used to be but it’s still a very very awesome option for websites with like I said.

Authentication, authorization things like that Django just provides so much out of the box you don’t have to write it, makes it so much easier for me to develop a website.

For instance like for my website I chose Django over nodejs even though I was writing a lot of JavaScript at that time like I just felt like Django was much more mature than anything that nodejs was providing.

So I don’t think I went wrong on that at all because I was able to build a website that I needed in like three months and I mean this thing was taking credit card payments and had a lot of different customizations to it and things like that. I was able to focus on that functionality as opposed to writing the entire framework.

Django just provides it out of the box that’s why I’m sure. I’m sure I’m showing a little bit of favoritism but it’s just because Django is awesome.

Dotnet Core

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

The number nine is going to be Dotnet core, so future proofing yourself I mean dotnet is going
to be around for a long time. You know 20 billion dollar a year profiting company Microsoft speaking this project is their future and it’s cross-platform.

It’s the first time Microsoft’s gone that direction really in their entire history, so they’re embracing the open source and cross-platform market and for that reason, they’re gonna be a major player.

I think in the future really leading into the next five years or so probably Microsoft really had to go in this direction because they were losing market share and pretty much everything that they were doing including web frameworks like you saw Ruby on Rails, Django.

And they started taking a lot of market share from and older frameworks with Java like Springs stuff like that. It was much cheaper, it was faster startups liked it was a cooler language it was new, but so Microsoft’s kind of they’ve taken a lot of steps to get to this point to where they’re at right now.

I think that it’s going to end up being positive for them and probably for any you know
c-sharp developers that are trying to get into the mobile development and web development or just you know typical console development.

Express.Js Framework

top 10 web frameworks to learn in 2019

All right anyway number ten is going to be Express.Js and probably not a surprise the reason why I say Express is because there’s so much, there are so many web frameworks out there that are running on nodejs.

That just can run on nodejs and when you’re looking at something that just gets the job done like Express gets you up and running so fast with nodejs. that I’ve seen a lot of very very major
websites like from huge corporations that are running ExpressJs.

Yes, it’s perfect for the modern client-side framework, by the way, these are all server-side stacks.

So I’m sure that’s probably apparent to you guys after I’ve listed all ten now this is server-side stacks I’m not counting the client-side you know what you would even call like a framework.

Now a client-side which is like VueJs or AngularJs, ReactJs things like that now there is like this new I would say basically the community is it is labeling these things web frameworks but they still need a server-side technology.

So it is still needed like a nodejs you know running Express or something like that. If you’re running Express it works perfectly with angular, react, review whatever direction you want to go and that’s why I am recommending Express.Js because I’ve just seen a lot of companies.

They’re like hey I just need a minimalist server spun up that’s really just renting a single page and I need an API and for that nodejs is very very good. And if you’re gonna go NodeJs, you’re gonna go Express probably. so all right guys that’s my top 10 list man let me know what you think have a good day.